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August 06, 2022

There’s a reason why bee pollen has been nicknamed “the essence of flowers”. It’s literally a combination of different plants and flowers that the bee landed on and pollinated - and although bee pollen is a good product that can do wonders for your body, we think pine pollen can do you 3x better.

Why are we so confident?

First off, we know for a fact our pine pollen is clean. We extensively test our batches, our trees, and the areas we harvest for cleanliness, pesticides, herbicides, etc. so that we only serve the safest, highest quality pollen to our customers. Whereas with bee pollen, since the bees are doing all the work flying around collecting pollen, there’s no way to confirm if the bees are collecting their pollen from clean sources. They could very well be pollinating dirty, diseased sources.

Another reason why we think pine pollen is better is because of its vegan standpoint. When we consume pine pollen, we can use it guilt-free knowing that we aren’t taking food away from bees. A big problem with harvesting bee pollen is overharvesting - overharvesting can negatively impact bee populations because we’re taking food and nutrients that bees need away from them. This causes bee colonies to die out over time - which will lead to catastrophic times. If you want to know more about our sustainability standards, we made a video going through our operations and standards:

Also, you can’t talk about pollen without allergies. The issue many people have with bee pollen is that so many people are allergic to it. This can be explained because of the sheer amount of different flowers used for bee pollen. Chances of an allergic reaction are higher when your pollen comes from multiple different sources, instead of just 1 source. Since pine pollen is a single-source pollen, the rates of people having an allergic reaction are about 50% lower. 

Don't get us wrong, bee pollen can be an amazing product that you can use to see improvements in your health. But the way we look at it is pine pollen provides the best nutrients contained in bee pollen, in a healthier, safer, cleaner, and more sustainable way. To learn more about bee pollen and pine pollen, watch this quick video we made talking about it:

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