Ponderosa Pine Pollen Powder - 70g (2.9 oz)

Ingredients: 100% raw, wildcrafted, whole-cell wall Ponderosa pine pollen powder.

Description: Hand-harvested from the wild pine forests of British Columbia.  Pine pollen powder is an unparalleled, nutrient-dense, unique superfood used for millennia in traditional Chinese cuisine and medicine. 

Invitation for Use: Take one to three teaspoons a day with tea, coffee, smoothies, or use in baking, ferment, and germinate.

Servings: 70

Keep refrigerated after opening. When frozen, shelf-life is five years.

A vegan alternative to bee pollen but better!   Whole-cell, live, raw pine pollen powder has hundreds of bioactive phytonutrients.

 Wild-harvested exclusively in Canada. 


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