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Pine Pollen Harvest Recap 2017

Pine Pollen Harvest Recap - 2017

July 14, 2017

Pine pollen harvest 2017 was successful! Read about pine pollen and our harvest journey here.
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Pine Pollen 2017 Harvest

Pine Pollen: Preparing for the 2017 Harvest!

May 24, 2017

Pine pollen is our favorite superfood of all time, and harvest season 2017 is just around the corner!
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Pine Pollen Wild-Harvest Applicants

Pine Pollen Wild-Harvest Applicants

March 31, 2017

Pine pollen harvesting is a ton of fun - and pays well, too. Although we have a full team for this year's harvest, connect with us to be a harvester next year!
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Pine Pollen Tinctures Coming Soon

Pine Pollen Tinctures Coming Soon!

February 21, 2017

Pine pollen tinctures will be for sale soon! Naturopathic Doctor Saeid Mushtagh developed this proprietary process to create the most potent pine pollen tincture on the market.
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Coulter Pine Cone

Big Pine Cones = Big Pine Pollen

February 14, 2017

Pine pollen from a Coulter pine cone is probably huge! Check out this picture of one of the biggest pine cones in the world.
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Pine Pollen Count 2017

Canadian Pollen Count - 2017

February 07, 2017

Piri Pine Pollen Calander - The pollen count is a measure of the number of pollen grains of a certain type per cubic metre of air sampled, averaged over 24 hours.
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The Evolution of Pine Tree Seeds

The Evolution of Pine Tree Seeds

January 30, 2017

Pine pollen is vital for the life of a pine tree. Read here to learn about the incredible evolution of the pine tree seed!
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Pine Pollen Buds Still Developing

Notes from the Field

January 22, 2017

Pine pollen eagerly awaits us, and we have scouts in the field as we speak finding the best pine trees for harvest. Read how we ensure sustainability too!
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Pine Pollen on the Tree

Pine Pollen and Barkskins

January 12, 2017

Pine pollen is a unique superfood, and the novel Barkskins by Annie Proulx talks of olden times when pine pollen would bloom from ancient pine stands. Epic!
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Pine Pollen in the Catkin

Pine Pollen and Pine Cones

January 09, 2017

Pine pollen, pine trees, pine cones - there's so much to know! Read here to learn more about these ancient trees and how they reproduce.
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Pine Pollen Catkin on the Pine Tree

Wind-Pollinated Canadian Pine Pollen

December 20, 2016

Pine Pollen is created on the male organ of the pine tree, informally referred to as a ‘catkin’. Read more about this incredible superfood and its origin here!
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Kalamalka Research Station and Seed Orchard

Kalamalka Research Station and Seed Orchard

December 15, 2016

Pine pollen harvesting isn't easy, and it takes a lot of research and experienced folks to make it all happen. Read about our visit to Kalamalka Research Station!
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