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About Us

The Canadian Pine Pollen Company started from a quest for a healthy and active lifestyle fuelled by a shared passion for the wild and complete respect for the land.

Dr. Saeid Mushtagh ND, Co-founder

With every bite we take make an essential choice. Do we invite health and vitality or sickness and disease? I am a naturopathic doctor and a passionate believer in living with the land. Studying Naturopathic Medicine gave a great appreciation for plants and herbs. Pine trees in particular have deepened my respect for plants. of all the species in this kingdom, the ancient and mystical pine trees reflect the giving nature of Mother Earth the most. They gives to humans from root to tip; needle, cone, branch, bark, resin, lumber. The magnificent evergreens are a source of oxygen, beauty, and sanctuary, and their pollen jumpstarts the entire ecosystem each spring, providing nutrients, and hormones to plants, insects and animals.   

Burgess Andre, Co-founder

I was born in Whitehorse, Yukon, raised in Yellowknife, NT, and have been calling Vancouver, British Columbia "home" since 2013. I feel very fortunate to have experienced life in some of Canada's most beautiful areas -  and as an added bonus, growing up in Canada's arctic region makes it easy to appreciate and respect the power of Mother Nature. I'm passionate about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and I am convinced nature provides us with all the essentials to do so. I like to push my body and test the limits, and pine pollen is my go-to for maintaining optimum strength and dexterity.


Pine Pollen Wild Harvest

Raw, Wild-Harvested Pine Pollen

When we set out to harvest the potent pine , we knew we wanted to do it sustainably, and that to us meant taking care during each step of the process to maintain the integrity of the pollen and its unique composition, and honour the human connections this product could create and sustain.  We adhere to the highest Canadian quality standards in food and supplement manufacturing and and lead the industry in establishing Sustainable Harvest Protocols.


The forest in mountain ranges of B.C. present a great opportunities as well as ample challenges. The most significant part of our learning curve was and is having a limited window for harvesting. After maturity, just a few days too late and a good wind will blow all the pollen away. 

Our first harvest for ourselves in 2016 was small, but successful. Soon our friends and family observing our crazy ventures into the wild, soon caught on to the benefits of pine pollen, and before long, we had demand. But with that came the problem of logistics. 

Whether it's...

  • Renting commissary space in the Fraser Valley for R&D 
  • Paying for right-of-way access to veteran Ponderosa stands
  • Setting up camp on private lands
  • hiring local professional foragers to get the inside scoop on harvest sites
The Canadian Pine Pollen Co. sincerely appreciates the support and contributions of the harvesters, communities, people, and businesses in B.C.  for years of harvests and operations. Our story is not complete without you!


Our Commitment to You


Almost all of the pine pollen in the world comes in the form of 'cracked cell wall.' Cracking the cell wall causes the pine pollen to oxidize rapidly, making it much less effective than pollen in its natural state. 

We gently dry our pollen after hand-harvesting it in the wild and then place it into cold storage until shipping. We have the only pine pollen in the world (other than that which you harvest yourself) that can claim these benefits.

Ponderosa pine pollen buds drying for tincture 

Your Health, Our Priority

The health and well-being of people and the planet are our number one priority. In addition to creating our Sustainable Harvest Protocols, we work tirelessly to promote the responsible use of forest resources in Canada and worldwide. We regularly make donations to NGOs like Community Forests International to do our part in supporting responsible business practices.

All of our products meet the highest standards of GMP and ISO certification and are also certified safe by the Safe Quality Food Institute.

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