Wild Pine Pollen Affiliate Program

Wild about your Canadian Pine Pollen products?

We represent a philosophy of living a healthy conscious life in abundance, with mother earth and her wild people. Giving back is in our nature.  If you resonate with this and spreading health and wild nutrition is in your blood we want you on our side. 

Become an Affiliate Today

Every-time you pass on your Canadian Pine Pollen Co. passion to someone you love, you are giving us a warm hug for embarking on this wild journey. Thank you for your blessings. As an affiliate you become a link in our annual wild. Check out the benefits below and if you are game click the link to apply. 

After signing up a team member will connect with you. We prefer individuals with online presence, social media/blog/video presence that can pass this on. But if you are a health coach, nutritionist, a foodie or just a die heart fan and a word-of-mouth type of a person, then we won't discriminate.

Pine pollen Affiliate 

Benefits Once You are Approved


Commission Rate


A total of 25.00% discount to be split towards your earnings and referral discount, your own terms. 

As an examples you might like your unique coupon code and affiliate-link to save your buyers 15% on their purchases. In which case we credit you 10% for total value of each sale.  Alternatively you might choose to or split it in the middle at 12.5%.

Wild Bonus

A one time $40% off discount Bulk 1kg Pine Pollen Powder or any combined purchase of our products with a cart value of over $969.00 CAN.

As wild as this is, this offer can not be combined with other offers, discounts, or free shipping, is based on list price, is not transferable, nor refundable, and is not duty free, nor dose it count towards your affiliate earnings account


Cookies - 90 days

Termination; If your coupon code and referral link remain dormant for over 4 consecutive months (no referral or re order) and we don't get a tag or a shout out on your online channels about how wild this union is, it makes us think you just joined for the perks, in which case we reserve the right to suspend your wildness and coupon code/link. 

We do not share affiliate emails with any 3rd party providers.   


Payments are made at the threshold of $100 CAN. You will receive them via PayPal transfers in CAN, US, or EU.  E-transfers  available for Canadian affiliates only. 

All transactions are transparent on your personal affiliate dashboard. 


Plus, beyond the health effects, with each referral you get to make a difference in the natural world since we have a pledged to plant a tree for every order, through out partnership with One Tree Planted.  

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