Affiliate Program

Become an affiliate of Canadian Pine Pollen Co. and earn 10% commission on referrals.

Most individuals who experience the impact of our wild crafted products, can't stop but rave about them. We are proud to source these product for you and happy to share the benefits with our brand ambassadors and affiliates.

Become An Affiliate Today

If you are excited about our products, it is easy to join. Click the link below and create your affiliate account. 

Pine pollen Affiliate 

After signing up you will get an email confirmation with a link to your personal dashboard. There you will find your affiliate link  and can track your activity.

Within a day or two and once we have approved your account, we will email you a unique coupon code.  Anyone (including you) using this coupon code will get a 15% discount and you collect a 10% commission on the referral sale. All transactions are transparent on your dashboard. We do not share our email with 3rd party providers. 



Cookie days

 30 days.

Commission rate

10.00% commission on total referral sales.

When a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link or your unique coupon code. 

PayPal money transfer or E-transfer when your commissions reach a $50.00 threshold.


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