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novembre 15, 2023 2 lire la lecture

It's that time of year again! The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread some cheer than by gifting your loved ones with the finest products from Canadian Pine Pollen? Whether you're shopping for a nature enthusiast, a health-conscious friend, or just someone who appreciates the finest nature has to offer. Let's explore the top 5 Canadian Pine Pollen WILD gift sets for this holiday season!

1. Wild Chaga

These tasty gems are perfect for adventurous coffee lovers who will enjoy the rich, earthy flavours and numerous health benefits of Chaga tea. Try something new with Chaga tea and harness the power of this mighty mushroom. This generous supply of wild foraged and hand-picked Chaga is carefully harvested from the pristine forests of Eastern Canada. Easily brewed in a slow cooker overnight to create a concentrated tea. Chaga chunks can be used multiple times before returning to the earth.

2. Sensational Soap Set

This collection of Canadian Pine Pollen's handmade natural soap is a dream come true for anyone who enjoys a long-lasting bar soap with a gentle scent and luxurious lather. This set will leave your loved ones feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and calm with the help of the nourishing and grounding ingredients from nature. From EARTH with clay to OCEAN with kelp and our own hand-harvested SPRUCE tips and LODGEPOLE pine pollen each unique with an essential oil blend to bring you back to balance.

3. Marvelous Mushrooms

For adventurous souls who are always seeking new ways to boost their well-being, these Marvelous Mushroom tincture trios are a game-changer. This set features a selection of Canadian Pine Pollen's WILD-harvested Canadian mushroom tinctures, carefully crafted to deliver maximum health benefits. This set includes Chaga, Turkey Tail and Reishi. Each tincture is full of nutrients and natural goodness. 

4. Pine Pollen Powerhouse

Canadian Pine Pollen is a powerful and potent gift from nature. This set includes our top-selling Lodgepole Powder and Tincture Duo. There is also our new Lodgepole soap and a BONUS travel-size powder. It's the perfect season to share pine pollen's natural energetic boost and vitality!

5. Foraged For You

Last but certainly not least, we have the ultimate Foraged For You ONE-YEAR SUPPLY of your choice of Lodgepole or Ponderosa pine pollen powder for someone who uses this product 5 days a week! Give the gift of a year's supply of  pine pollen this holiday season.

We hope these gift ideas inspire you to share Canadian Pine Pollen with someone you love. Let's continue spreading pure plant energy, joy, love, and natural health this holiday season.

From all of us at Canadian Pine Pollen Company.
- Dr. Saeid, Burgess, Jackie and Maria


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