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January 11, 2024 3 min read



Does adding more oomph to your outdoor adventure sound
like a good idea?

If your New Year’s resolution includes more outdoor adventures, pollen from male cones of lodgepole and ponderosa pine trees may help you exceed your health and fitness goals. Pine pollen is an abundant natural resource found in Canada’s magnificent outdoors. Although pollen is often imported from China for its nutritional benefits, this ingredient can also be found in British Columbia’s vibrant forests. Whether you’re skiing, snowshoeing, hiking or engaging in other snow sports, you need to be at your best fitness level. Wild-collected pine pollen can help support that state. Taken as a health and wellness supplement, pine pollen helps energy and stamina—vital factors for anyone looking to increase their outdoor pursuits this winter.

The founders of Canadian Pine Pollen Co., Dr. Saeid Mushtagh and Burgess Andre, partnered on their passion for bringing the benefits of pine pollen to health-conscious Canadians in 2016. Dr. Saeid Mustagh said, “I was looking for a way to balance my love of being outdoors with my background and understanding of the medicinal benefits of plants as a naturopathic doctor.

Finding out pine pollen was edible and with health benefits changed my perspective about the forest and its giving nature. At first we started harvesting pine pollen to break free from the routine of my practice and city life. But then we realized there was a need for a Canadian source because others around us wanted it too.”
Every year, Dr. Mushtagh and Andre lead a team of seasonal pickers during the harvest season.

The Vancouver-based company now has a full-time team of four people who are passionate about sharing the benefits of pine pollen, and engages the largest seasonal crew of wild harvesters foraging pine pollen in North America—to create sustainable added value in the environment you adventure in.

Their certified organic, tree-to-jar wild-harvested pine pollen powder comes from the interior of southern BC, traditionally making Merritt in the Nicola Valley home base. With a dry, hot summer climate, little rainfall and cooler average temperatures and access to higher elevations, the environment is ideal for lodgepole pine and ponderosa trees. As demand grows and with nature's unpredictable growing seasons, harvest areas continue to expand and evolve to new remote areas of wilderness.

Pine pollen is an abundant natural resource found in Canada’s magnificent outdoors, created in abundance each spring by Mother Nature to nourish the forest and ignite spring growth. If you agree that nature is the wisest, most experienced pharmacist, pine pollen is its choice to encourage growth and vitality.

Pine pollen contains phytohormones, which are plant-based hormones that can mimic the effects of human hormones in the body. According to Canadian Pine Pollen Co., the presence of these phytohormones along with other nutrients in pine pollen confirms its benefits for energy and stamina.

Pine pollen has been used for thousands of years to promote energy, vitality and prolong aging. Canadian Pine Pollen is adopting this knowledge and is proud to bring a western variant sourced in British Columbia’s pristine, vibrant forests.

A little goes a long way when it comes to this all-natural and versatile superfood. The recommended serving is ½ to 1 ½ teaspoons a day. The powder easily stirs into tea, coffee, smoothies, soups and baking or sprinkling it on top—how you consume the product is up to you.

This winter while you’re basking in winter’s glory, be it snowboarding, sledding or skating, look around at the lodgepole and ponderosa pine trees and imagine instead of snow, millions of pollen buds covering their tips. Then you will know exactly where this superfood supplement is coming from.

Three simple reasons to consider Canadian pine pollen for making your outdoorsy New Year’s resolutions:

1. Increased Energy and Vitality: Hit the trails with the same vigour and energy as your best self, always.
2. Improve Stamina and Recovery: Take your adventures to the next level more often and with more ease.
3. Harvested in British Columbia’s Vibrant Forests: Arguably some of the most pristine forests in the world.

Lodgepole Pine Pollen Powder
Natural Health Product #80118919

Ingredients: 100% raw certified organic whole cell, pine pollen powder hand-harvested from the wild pine forests of BC.

Serving Size: 800 Mg or 1/2 tsp — two to three times per day.

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