About Us

The Canadian Pine Pollen Company started from a quest for healthy and active lifestyle fuelled by a shared passion for the wild and a endearing respect for the land.


Dr Saeid Mushtagh, Co-Founder

Every bite we take, each meal we have is either helping us heal or causing disease in us. I am a naturopathic doctor and a dieheart fan of living on the land. I have worked with over two hundred medicinal herbs for the past 12 years and sustainably wild harvested many more. Learning about pine pollen has widened my perspective about the wild forests and in particular the pine trees. These magnificent evergreens are not just a source of beauty, oxygen, wildlife sanctuaries, and wood. They feed the whole ecosystem with their pollen annually, providing nutrients and hormones and capturing toxic waste too. I love sharing the knowledge and experience of this wonderful food with everyone. For me being healthy means being free on all levels, and I know from a deep sense of humanness, that living one with the land is the answer to that freedom.  

Burgess Andre, Co-Founder

I was born in Whitehorse Yukon, raised in Yellowknife NT and have been calling Vancouver, British Columbia "home" since 2013. I feel very fortunate to have experienced life in some of Canada's most beautiful areas. Growing up in Canada's arctic it’s easy to appreciate and respect the power of nature and what it has to offer. I'm passionate about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and convinced nature provides us with all the essential requirements to do so. For me knowing that I can push my body, and test its limits, it means being strong, it means being wild.  



We wanted to bring this natural Canadian superfood to invigorate our diets and the diet of our friends; to harvest, dry, and naturally, extract the pine pollen from the pollen buds while keeping the pollen's unique and complex physical structure and organic chemistry completely intact. And we wanted to do this in keeping to the highest Canadian standards while adhering to a strict set of internal Sustainable Harvest Protocols. 

We faced many obstacles, and along the path found many blessings. Harvesting in the wild requires good logistics. The pine trees pollinate with weather and blooms simultaneously over geographical regions. With good wind, the pollen is blown away in three days. The mountain ranges of British Columbia provide a fortunate strategic approach; you follow the altitude and all of a sudden you have a reasonable window for wild pine pollen harvest. 

Our first harvest, 2016 batch was small but successful. Friended and family loved our pine pollen. Between us, and our health and longevity minded friends, and colleagues, we soon had to wrestle over our last supply.    

Whether it's renting commissary space in the Fraser Valley for R&D, paying for right-of-way access to veteran Ponderosa stands in the Okanagan, setting up our camp on private land in the Caribou or hiring local professional foragers to get the inside scoop on harvest sites, the Canadian Pine Pollen Co. greatly appreciates the support and contributions of the communities, people and businesses in British Columbia for our second year of harvest and operation. Our story is not complete without you. 



The Canadian Pine Pollen Company is committed to bringing you the highest quality pine pollen harvested using ethical and sustainable practices.  We harvest exclusively from the spectacular forests of British Columbia. We pride ourselves on providing this select superfood in its most natural way possible: wild, raw, and living, with all its nutrients intact. 


Ponderosa pine pollen buds drying for tincture 


Canadian Pine Pollen Co. puts the health and well being of people and the planet first.  We've created an internal Sustainable Harvest Protocol, and work to promote the responsible and sustainable use of forest resources in Canada, and around the world. We donate monthly to NGOs like Community Forests International, to support the amazing work being done to educate, facilitate and support economic development through sustainable business practices.