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Wild Affiliate Program

Are you WILD about Canadian Pine Pollen products?

We represent a philosophy of living a healthy conscious life in abundance, with mother earth. Giving back is in our nature. If you resonate with this and are serious about our wild-harvested products become a Wild Affiliate.  

As a Wild Affiliate account holder, you are an important link in our sustainable chain from wild harvest to consumer delivery. We want to thank you for sharing your love for our products by rewarding you for every order you refer to our online shop. Plus you get to share a 10% discount code!

 Pine pollen Affiliate

 Affiliate Account Conditions and Benefits


 Perks :


Receive a unique 10% OFF Referral Discount Code. With each purchase linked to your code you earn a 15% Wild Affiliate Thank You Reward.

Content creators who post on social media unboxing an order, sharing how you use our products, or recipes your create will receive our monthly affiliate product giveaways. #canadianpinepollen 

You can also feel good because each time someone buys a product we plant a tree! 

All affiliate transactions are transparent on your affiliate dashboard and we never share your contact information with anyone.

 Limits : 


 Must be Approved

- Social Media Account or Online Influencer
- Professional Account: Nutritionist, Health coach, Athlete
Link Cookies - 60 days

Payments are made at the threshold of $100.00 CAN$

Termination :

We reserve the right to close in-active accounts with no link or coupon after 60 days of inactivity.

 Payments :


Worldwide Via PayPal.

Canada via E-transfers.