Holistic Heels - Spruce Tip Mocktail Recipe

Ultimate Guide to a Sustainable Holiday Party + Spruce Tip Mocktail Recipe

December 23, 2019

Tips for sustainable holiday shopping, plus an incredible spruce tip mocktail recipe!
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Holistic Heels - Chaga Mushroom Hot Chocolate Recipe

Chaga Mushroom Hot Chocolate

December 13, 2019

Chaga mushrooms + chocolate = delicious! Read here for a magical Chaga mushroom hot chocolate recipe.
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Chaga Mushroom Health Benefits and Recipes

5 Health Benefits of Drinking Chaga Mushroom Tea + Recipe

April 18, 2019

Chaga mushroom boasts some impressive health benefits, and can make a great latte to boot! Read here to learn more about Chaga and how to make a tasty mushroom beverage.
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Holistic Heels- Spruce Salmon Recipe

Spruce Tips and Salmon Recipe

March 20, 2019

Spruce Tips may sound exotic, but they make a delicious and healthful addition to a variety of foods. Check out this amazing spruce and salmon recipe!
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Pine Pollen and Spruce Tip Infused Natural Soaps

Botanical-Infused Natural Soap - Pine Pollen and Spruce Tips

March 03, 2019

Pine pollen and spruce tips make a great addition to your skin care regimen in these botanically infused soaps from Canadian Pine Pollen Co.!
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Pine Pollen and Cooking

Pine Pollen and Cooking: Secret Ingredient with Powerful Benefits

November 26, 2018

Pine pollen is a superior cooking ingredient that has been prized throughout history. Read here and you'll see why!
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Pine Pollen Cacao Recipe

Pine Pollen Cacao Recipe

November 26, 2018

Pine pollen and cacao are quite possibly the two most wonderful, healing superfoods on Earth. Read here for a recipe that will leave you breathless!
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Pine Pollen Tinctures - Important Facts

Pine Pollen Tinctures - Facts You Need to Know

July 31, 2018 1 Comment

Pine pollen tinctures are not all created equal. Read here to see why Canadian Pine Pollen Co.'s tinctures are head and shoulders above the competition!
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Where to buy Pine pollen powder and Tinctures

Pine Pollen Tinctures and Powder - Where to Buy

April 15, 2018

Where to buy pine pollen powder and tinctures? Read here to see a complete list of local and online places to buy Canadian Pine Pollen!
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boosting testosterone with pine pollen tincture

Pine Pollen and Other Ways to Naturally Boost Male Hormones

April 02, 2018 2 Comments

Pine pollen is a great way to boost male hormones (androgens), but it's not the only way! Read here to see five ways to naturally boost healthy male hormones.
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Pine Pollen Tinctures for Women

Pine Pollen Tincture for Women

March 16, 2018

Pine pollen tinctures (also known as pine pollen extract) are a great way to boost your body's levels of androgens! Pine pollen is great for women, not just men!
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Bulk Pine Pollen for Sale

Bulk Pine Pollen for Sale

January 07, 2018 5 Comments

Bulk pine pollen for sale! We offer to you our premium, non-cracked cell wall, raw, living, and wild pine pollen - a one year supply!
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