Pine Pollen in the Catkin

Pine Pollen and Pine Cones

January 09, 2017

Pine pollen, pine trees, pine cones - there's so much to know! Read here to learn more about these ancient trees and how they reproduce.
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Pine Pollen Catkin on the Pine Tree

Wind-Pollinated Canadian Pine Pollen

December 20, 2016

Pine Pollen is created on the male organ of the pine tree, informally referred to as a ‘catkin’. Read more about this incredible superfood and its origin here!
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Kalamalka Research Station and Seed Orchard

Kalamalka Research Station and Seed Orchard

December 15, 2016

Pine pollen harvesting isn't easy, and it takes a lot of research and experienced folks to make it all happen. Read about our visit to Kalamalka Research Station!
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Pine Pollen on the Tree

All About Pine Trees!

December 09, 2016

Pine pollen and pine trees never cease to amaze us. Read here for some cool info about these majestic trees - as well as a link to our online superfood store!
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Canadian Pine Pollen Online Superfood Store

Pine Pollen Store - Buy Pine Pollen Online

November 28, 2016

Buy pine pollen online! We are the premier source for non-cracked cell wall, living, raw, wild-harvested Canadian pine pollen - unlike any other in the world!
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