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September 20, 2023 2 min read


We have just launched four NEW dual extract tinctures!
Made with all CANADIAN ingredients: but this time MUSHROOMS!!!!

We are excited to use Canadian WILD foraged mushrooms for our Chaga, Reishi and Turkey Tail tinctures. The Lion's Mane is a cultivated Canadian mushroom due to the relatively short natural growing season, making it challenging to rely solely on wild harvesting. Our new powerful formulation is due to our ultrasonic tincture process which ensures maximum extraction of both water-soluble and alcohol-soluble compounds, resulting in the highest potency and comprehensive extract.

In recent years, scientific research has shed light on the medicinal properties of Chaga, Reishi, Lion's Mane, and Turkey Tail. These mushrooms have gained popularity for their potential to support overall well-being, boost the immune system, cognitive enhancement and anti-inflammatory effects.

Chaga: Immune

Chaga mushroom, scientifically known as Inonotus obliquus, is a fungus that grows on birch trees in cold regions. It has been used in traditional Russian and Siberian medicine for centuries. Chaga is rich in antioxidants, such as melanin and triterpenes, which help protect the body against oxidative stress and inflammation. Studies suggest that Chaga may have anticancer, immune-boosting, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Reishi: Revitalize

Reishi mushroom, also known as Ganoderma lucidum, has been revered in traditional Chinese medicine for its potential to promote longevity and vitality. It contains bioactive compounds, including triterpenes and polysaccharides, which contribute to its health benefits. Reishi is believed to support the immune system, reduce fatigue, improve sleep quality, and enhance overall well-being. Additionally, it may have potential anticancer and anti-inflammatory effects.

Lion's Mane: Cognizance

Lion's Mane mushroom, scientifically known as Hericium erinaceus, is a unique-looking fungus with long, shaggy spines resembling a lion's mane. It has been traditionally used in Asian cultures for its potential cognitive benefits. Lion's Mane contains compounds called hericenones and erinacines, which have been studied for their neuroprotective properties. Research suggests that Lion's Mane may support brain health, enhance memory and focus, and potentially alleviate symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.

Turkey Tail: Oncoclear

Turkey Tail mushroom, or Trametes versicolor, is a common woodland fungus with a colorful appearance resembling turkey feathers. It has been extensively studied for its immunomodulatory effects. Turkey Tail contains polysaccharides, such as beta-glucans, which stimulate the immune system and enhance its ability to fight infections and diseases. Research suggests that Turkey Tail may be beneficial for individuals undergoing cancer treatment, as it can help strengthen the immune system.

Our new mushroom tincture collection
now available online!

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