Lodgepole Pine Pollen Powder - 70g

END OF SEASON SALE: This product is short-dated for Nov 2020.

Ingredients: 100% Canadian, wildcrafted, non-cracked cell wall Lodgepole pine pollen powder.

Invitation for Use: One teaspoon (1g), 1-3x per day. Take with tea, use in baking, ferments, or eat straight from the jar. Mixing the pine pollen powder with a minute amount of water and then holding under the tongue for one minute ensures optimal absorption of the phytoandrogens.

Keep refrigerated after opening. When frozen, shelf-life is five years.

Servings: 70

Description:Pine pollen powder is an unparalleled, nutrient-dense, unique superfood used for millennia in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and ours is hand-harvested from the wild pine forests of British Columbia.

Whole-cell, live, raw pine pollen powder has 200+ bioactive phytonutrients, not least of which are phytoandrogens - plant-based nutrients that mimic human male hormones - contributing to a myriad of positive health effects.

This pine pollen is wild-harvested from Mother Nature; as such, supplies are limited. 



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