Each year, we follow the spring pollen bloom as it makes its way across Western Canada, starting in the Southern Valleys and finishing in the Northern Highlands.  This year we harvested in the Okanagan, Kootenay and Thomspon-Nicola Valleys, as well as the Southern Caribou.

Our Southern Caribou harvest was based out of Singing Lands, a small family ranch retreat North of Savona, BC. Surrounded by timbered mountains, our Southern Caribou harvest was our biggest yet, bringing in mostly Lodgepole Pine Pollen and our signature Ponderosa Pine Pollen.  

Our Okanagan and Thompson-Nicola Valley harvests brought in the majority of our Ponderosa Pine Pollen.  We want to thank everyone in both valleys for their wonderful hospitality, knowledge and space.

Based out of Creston, BC,  our Kootenay Harvest was at times above 1700 m.  We were able to pull in a good amount of Lodgepole pine pollen, and a sample of Western White Pine (pinus monticola).  We have decided at this point in time to no longer harvest Western White Pine, as it is a vulnerable species.

Looking forward to 2018, we're expecting to grow our harvest again! Get in touch to learn more!

The Canadian Pine Pollen Co. is seeking harvesters for our 2018 Harvest.  Professional fruit and NTFP harvesters given preference.  Please contact info@canadianpinepollen.com for more information. 

  • Non-Timber Forest Product: Pollen-cone buds from pine trees. The buds release pollen, a food product.
  • Harvest Dates: TBD April-July
  • Harvest Location: BC Pine forests, ideally at age of 8-20 years.
  • Harvest Method: Hand-picked
  • Shipping: Please contact for shipping details.
  • Pricing: Please contact for current pricing.


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