Pine Pollen Partnerships

 The Canadian Pine Pollen Co. is actively seeking partnerships with landowners and professional fruit harvesters, tree planters.

We sustainably wild-harvest pine pollen from pristine forest regions.  Following the spring pollen bloom as it makes its way across Western Canada. We begin in the Southern Valleys and finish in the Northern Highlands. This year, we harvested pine pollen in the Okanagan, Kootenay, and Thompson-Nicola Valleys, as well as the Southern Caribou.

Our Southern Caribou harvest was based in Singing Lands, a small family ranch retreat North of Savona, B.C.. Surrounded by timbered mountains, our Southern Caribou harvest was our biggest yet, bringing in precious bounties of both Lodgepole and Ponderosa pine pollen.


Our Okanagan and Thompson-Nicola Valley harvests once again brought the majority of our Ponderosa pine pollen - a rare species and our signature product.  We extend immense gratitude for those in both valleys for their delightful hospitality and guidance.

Looking forward to 2021, we're expecting to expand our harvesting operations even further! Please connect with us to learn more about collaboration opportunities.

For landowners interested in working with us, those with forest/ranch land in the interior that contains either mature Ponderosa stands or young Lodgepole trees are ideal for us to maintain or sustainability protocols.   

Due to the endangered nature of the Western White Pine (P. monticola), we have decided not to harvest in Vancouver Island, as well as the wet belts of the Southern Interior. 

Please contact for more information!


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