Spring Spruce Tips, Organic, Freeze-dried, Premium Grade

Young Spruce tips have been used by the First Nations of Canada, Southeast Alaska, Norwegian, and Russians for thousands of years as a forest food medicine. The citrusy balsam flavour of the spruce tips makes them a perfect addition to any recipe.

Ingredients:  Freeze-dried spring spruce tips (Spruce Tips, Conseils d'épicéa). Sustainably wild harvested from forests of BC.

Net Weight: (28 gram, 1 oz)

Servings per container: Makes 60 cups of tea.

Use: Add ground or whole leaf spruce tips to enhance speciality recipes, salads, desserts, or ice cream with a zesty balsam twist.

To make spruce matcha tea, grind 1 tsp of whole leaves and brew in 1 cup of boiled water at80°C. Brew for 15 minutes. Make a more concentrated brew for mixing with other drinks and as flavouring.

Caution: Consult a physician regarding use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.