Lodgepole Pine Pollen Tincture - 100mL (3.4 fl oz)

Ingredients:  100% Canadian, wildcrafted, non-cracked cell wall Lodgepole pine pollen powder soaked in a unique dual extraction formula of ethanol and glycerin.

335mg raw pine pollen equivalent per 2 ml serving. (100 mL/3.4 fl. oz.)

Crafted for Superior Absorption


Crafted from wild, raw, non-cracked pine pollen harvested from pristine forests of British Columbia.

Invitation for Use: Take 2mL, 1-3x per day. Hold under tongue for a minimum of 60 seconds. Holding 1mL of water under the tongue along with the pine pollen extract can help offset the burning sensation from the ethanol. 

Servings per container: 50

Limited Canadain Wild-harvest


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