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July 14, 2017 1 min read

Our 2017 harvest was a success! We worked hard to select the best wild stands in BC. Our harvesters did an awesome job picking and achieved our projections and more. As we move forward into production we are excited about this year's pure Canadian pine pollen; this is our largest harvest yet! 

So, let's take a moment to thank the forest and the pine trees by appreciating the intricacies of the pollination and pine seed development. After all, it is to the pine trees' generous gift that we owe this wonderful super food.

Unlike flowering plants, the anatomy of the pine tree favors cross pollination; the female cones often grow and developed on separate branches as the pollen cones and in a single stand, often the trees alternate pollination years also. After the fertilization, it can take up-to three years for the seed to develop.

Female pinecones
On this Ponderosa Pine, all the male cones have released their pine pollen. Now three generation of female pine cones stand on this branch. The small purple ones were pollinated this year. It will take another year for the pollen tube to develop and reach the seed. The larger ones with closed scales are in the stage of seed development - they were pollinated last year. It will another year or two before they are ready to open up their scales and share their seeds. 

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