NOt all pine pollen tinctures are the same

Not all pine pollen tinctures are made the same. Considering that pure pine pollen powder is only about 2-3% of the weight of the male pollen cones, there is a substantial difference in the concentration of a tincture depending on the starting material. A 1:6 tincture made directly from 100% pollen is 1.6 Times more potent than a 1:1 tincture made from the pollen buds!  The purity, quality, and freshness of the starting material and the extraction method also makes all the difference. 

There is value to making tincture straight from the male cones. They have a lot of sap and resins with great health benefits. But when it comes to the androgens-DHEA and testosterone, tinctures that incorporate the male buds ( not made from pure pine pollen) have much weaker androgen concentration. 

Another way to make pine pollen tincture is making 1:1 or 1:2 tinctures. And there are two way to do this. First by distilling the 1:6 tincture to evaporate most of the alcohol and water. This requires application of heat. Another is to start from a concentrated water extract of the pollen or male pollen buds. Such water extracts are common to Traditional Chinese Medicine. They are made from boiling the pine pollen powder in water and then dehydrating the final extract. This is often how a 1:1 or 2:1 pine pollen extracts is made; from dissolving the dehydrated 10:1 concentrated water extract in a water-alcohol base to get a more dillute pine pollen tincture.

There is an up side to the traditional water extraction. Pine pollen has a lot of water soluble antioxidants and flavonoids that are best extracted with water. The down side is that water is not the best solvent for extracting the the androgens. The heat during boiling or distilling dose not help either. Testosterone and other  steroids when heated degrade and don't bind to the cell receptors as well.

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